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Board of Directors




One of the functions of the Board of Directors is to establish policy for the Credit Union. These policies are maintained by category in the Policy and Procedures Manual. On a regular basis management reviews these policies and recommendations are submitted to the Board for any necessary revisions, deletions, or additions. These updates or additions become necessary as changes occur in services and operations, and as a result of Board policy decisions made during the year. Any change or addition must be submitted to the Board for adoption. Any new policies or policies with changes are updated in the official Policy and Procedures Manual. Refer to the Board of Directors Contact Information for a list of Board of Directors located in the Executive Department.

Our current FedChoice Board of Directors include:

Marvin J. Dessler, Chairman

Arthur Altman, Vice Chairman

Jimmy B. Cole, Treasurer

Brenda H. Jackson, Secretary

Brad Buckles, Director

David E. Bunch, Jr., Director

John Manfreda, Director


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