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Internal Vacancies



We like to provide eligible employees with opportunities for advancement and development. Our vacancies will generally be advertised in-house, but on occasion, an in-house posting may not occur, depending on how recently a similar vacancy occurred or other organizational decision factors. You may apply for in-house vacancies if you:

  1. Have worked in your current position for at least six months; 
  2. Are in good standing in your current role; and
  3. Have not have received any verbal and/or written warnings in the last six months.

If you are interested in a posted position, please review the qualifications listed on the vacancy announcements.
You must meet the minimum job qualifications on the position description in order to be eligible for candidacy.
If you aren't sure whether you are qualified, you may contact the Human Resources Department or the Hiring Manager for guidance. 


Current Internal Openings

To view and apply for all internal vacancies, please log into ADP.com and visit the internal Career Center.


To be considered for any openings, please apply directly through the new ADP Career Center.


Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are encouraged and welcomed at FedChoice.  Employees should ensure their name is submitted along with the candidate’s resume.  

When a current employee refers someone for employment and that person is hired, the referring employee will receive $500 for employee level positions and $1,000 for a manager position.  The referring employee will receive 100% of the referral bonus amount.

How to submit an employee referral:

  1. From the internal Career Center, click on "Refer a Friend" and input their information and upload their resume;
  2. Complete the Employee Referral Form and submit to the HR Generalist;
  3. Have the candidate apply directly to the external Career Center and include the employee’s name that referred them.

Note: Human Resources, the hiring manager/supervisor or employees involved in the hiring decision are not eligible for referral incentives.


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