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Board Committee


Board Committees

For a list of committee members refer to Annual Board meeting minutes or NCUA report of officials.

The following are the committees of the Board of Directors:

  • Finance/ALCO Committee:  Oversight of Credit Union financial statements, loan and share product pricing, investment policies and procedures, annual budget and asset-liability management.
  • Product Line Committee: Oversight of all member loan and share products.
  • Delivery Systems Committee:  Oversight of all member service delivery programs and systems (not including member products)
  • Employee Excellence: Oversight of employee compensation, benefits, incentives and corporate structure.
  • Membership Development and Education: Oversight of membership sponsor group direction and marketing efforts.
  • Facilities Committee: Oversight of all FedChoice properties. 
  • Delinquent Loans: Oversight of loan portfolio quality, collection efforts and loan/negative share write-offs.
  • Election Committee: Responsible for nomination and election (if necessary) of FedChoice board members.
  • Supervisory Committee: Conducts internal audits, fraud/risk assessments and annual CPA audit of all Credit Union operations, personnel and board members.   Responsible for evaluating fraud related losses including general ledger losses.
  • Loan Review:   Review loan decisions appealed by FedChoice members.

Board Committee “Management Representative”:  Most board committees have a designated “Management Representative” to both present proposals and respond to questions regarding these proposals.  In certain instances, the Management Representative will be determined based on the manager responsible for the recommendation.

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